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Enterprise Operating Lease

Money Doesn’t Come Without Guidance

Enterprise Operating Lease

Our Operating Lease is a cost-effective alternative to business loans or equity funding and will allow our client transfer the value of their fleet off their balance sheet. This releases precious capital back into their business increasing cash flow and converting their fleet to ongoing an operating expense.

Another distinguishing feature of the Operating Lease is Dipado assumes all residual value risk on these vehicles, releasing clients from the largest single source of uncertainty in operating your their fleet. This eliminates the issue of depreciating vehicle assets from your businesses. As the lease nears its expiration date, clients can simply choose their next step from a range of end-of-lease options including:

  • Upgrading to newer models
  • Extending their current lease
  • Returning the vehicle

Benefits of Our Operating Lease Services
  • Fixed interest rate for the full term of the operating lease
  • Fixed monthly lease repayments
  • Operating lease is not recorded on the balance sheet
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